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This will become the new DIY box. Simple guts great sound.
15-watt, all tube Marshall 4001, aka the Studio 15
Built around 1986, 2 6V6 power tubes
(the first and maybe only Marshall to use 6V6's,these are GE)
, 2 12AX7 (Sovtek) pre-amp tubes,
Balanced direct XLR, 1/4 Line out (unbalanced),
 Headphone Out jack, Speaker Out (8 ohm), 12" Marshall Vintage 30

Controls on the front:
 From left to right: Input / Gain / Treble / Middle/ Bass /
 Output Level /Standby /Power.
Controls on the back: Left to right: Power cable connector /
 Fuse / Balanced Direct Out (Floating Ground) /
Speaker Out 8 ohm (disconnect speaker jack for muted or headphone use) / Headphone Out / Line Out (unbalanced).
copy and paste, then enlarge for clarity
diode clipping style, sort of rare amps, the 2558's
early 90's JCM model 2558,2 x EL34 (power)
 & 3 x 12AX7 (preamp & phase inverter),
I suppose these are in the SL style

where do i get one of those small transformers?
 an original B.K. Butler Mini Boogie
yes he was thretened ;awsuit by big daddy mesa.

what a wireing job
Thomas GS-2 organ amp
4 6V6GT's, 2 12AX7's, 1 6AB4 and 1 5U4GB rectifier
Ampeg SJ-12T Super Jet
one channel, with footswitchable Tremolo.
 It has a Volume and tone control, tremolo intensity and speed controls
 and a reverb tank. 6L6 power tubes and 12AX7 preamp tubes