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Tube Amp Hall of Fame #33
Blockhead BLK-45 model
It's a blue print replica of the Marshall JTM45
air of ValveArts KT66, 1 chinese GZ34, and 3 Brimar 12AX7s

JCM800 4104 50 Watt , 6550
Marshall 6100 LM 100 Watt Anniversary Head
3 completely independent channels plus master volume.
3 way footswitch. Midi compatible so you can channel switch using a
effects processor. Pentode, Triode switching

The one that started it all  The Marshall Major
different power tubes? huum

Vintage 1969 Marshall Major
 Tube Guitar/Bass Amplifier
 (4 X 6550 tubes) I think they use to have KT-88 tubes
This is a 100 watt model